Privacy Policy – Data Privacy Notice

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Last Modified: 10/07/2018

Who we are

Registered office: Royde and Tucker Ltd., Unit 5+6 Bilton Road,
Cadwell Lane, Hitchin, Hertfordshire, SG4 0SB, United Kingdom
Company registration number: 00531276 (England & Wales)


“You” and “your” means you, as an individual, as a data-subject.
“We”, “us” and “our” mean Royde and Tucker Ltd, or any of the brands/websites it operates:

1)      Royde and Tucker Ltd. –

2)      Portman Pocket Doors / Portman Doors –

3) –

Here at Royde and Tucker, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our business relationships from the visitors to our websites to our customers, suppliers, employees and anyone else whose data we may possess. In particular, we want you to know that Royde and Tucker is not in the business of selling, leasing or trading contact or personal information lists with other organisations for any purpose. We just don’t do that sort of thing. But just in case you would like some more detailed information regarding Data Privacy (especially with relation to the new GDPR), in this Privacy Policy, we’ve provided lots of detailed information on when and why we collect your personal information, how we use it, the limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.


Who may we collect data on?


We have categorised the types of ‘Data Subjects’ we collect data from. This will make it easier for you to identify what category(s) you would fall under and the types of data that may be held on you. The following is a list of ‘Data Subjects’ that we may process data on:

Customer – Customers that would be attributed to B2C oriented businesses.
Client – Account Customers that would be attributed to B2B oriented businesses.
Contact – Often associated with a Client (in the B2B world) which, although not specifically the company in question, identifies individuals who might be used as contact points within that company and could be seen as individuals associated to a company.
Prospect – A potential customer or client qualified on the basis of their buying authority, financial capacity, and willingness to buy. Sometimes referred to as a ‘sales lead’.
Website Visitor/Visitor – A visitor to any of our websites, whom accesses via any internet enabled device.
Supplier – A party that supplies goods or services. A supplier may be distinguished from a contractor or subcontractor, who commonly adds specialised input to deliverables. Also called ‘vendor’.
Employee – Works under a ‘contract of service’ or ‘Employment Contract’ and not contracted ‘for service’. All employees are workers, but an employee has extra employment rights and responsibilities that do not apply to workers who aren’t employees.
Temporary Worker – An agency/temporary worker is an individual typically supplied by employment businesses to work under our direction and supervision
Worker – Works under a contract ‘for services’ or any other contract, whether express or implied, whereby the individual undertakes to do or perform personally any work or services for the ‘employer organisation’ of the contract – not an ‘employee’
Contractor – An independent individual who works for the organisation under a contract ‘for services’, whereas an employee works under a contract of service. Typically associated with Self-Employed workers. Contractors are required to sign the visitor book and fill out a short form applying to their visit, as a contractor if working on site.
Sub-Contractor – A subcontractor is a person/party who is hired by us (or the main contractor) to perform a specific task as part of the overall project objective and is normally paid for services provided to the project by the originating general contractor; applying in the context of the organisation acting as either a contractor or supplier.
Visitor – Individuals or groups that may have no formal linkage to the organisation but are formally ‘signed in’ upon arrival. Also the term is sometimes used for Website Visitor
Policy Holder – Policyholder for a wide range of potential products or services, for example pension schemes.
Volunteer – Individuals or groups that provide products or services where they are neither classed as employees or on contract and are not part of the organisations HR/Payroll system. This includes individuals carrying out ‘Work Experience’.
Professional/Expert – A person in conjunction with a specific, limited-term project requiring professional knowledge, skills or technical expertise (for example, lawyer, health advisor, pension provider, accountant)
Recruitment Candidates – Candidates being considered for open roles, whose information was either obtained directly or via an employment agency.
Next of Kin/Emergency Contact – Employee/Worker’s preferred contact in the event of an emergency.
Leaver – An individual who worked for the organisation as an Employee or Worker, whose employment was terminated voluntarily or involuntarily.
Employee Benefit Providers – Providers of Employee Benefit Schemes for example, Child Care Voucher Scheme, Cycle to Work Scheme
Other – This is a catch-all definition for personal data that may get collected as part of any business process and that doesn’t fit in any previous category.