Image shows a pocket door kit using a white paneled door sliding back into the wall cavity. The background is a beautiful residential hallway with stairs and a large ornate mirror

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At Pocket Door Kit we aim to provide a simple, easily installed and cost effective solution to space saving around the home. Concealing internal sliding doors within the wall cavity has a significant impact on both usable space and perceived available space, making rooms more flexible and feeling lighter and airier. Our kits are all pre-sized to suit standard UK doors and readily available UK stud; and result in only a 100mm thick finished wall. All you add is the door itself (if not one of our already machined and ready to fit doors) and architrave.
In the following pages you will find full product details and descriptions, fitting guidance and FAQs, if you have any queries please contact us, we’re here to help.

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Space Saving

Pocket doors save about 6% of the overall floor area or 10sq ft per door giving more usable space


Hiding the door within the wall cavity when not in use makes spaces feel more open and inviting


Pocket doors reduce many of the difficulties hinged doors present to those with disabilities, making homes more user friendly